Circle L Irrigation




Robert Lingreen is the owner of Circle L Irrigation and has been in the sprinkler industry for over 30 years, opening his business in 1986.  He started his irrigation career working on the old water drive systems and has progressed to today's modern machines. 










Matt Hoxworth, our service manager, has been with our company since September, 2016.  Matt started his irrigation career with Mid-West Farm Service in Gering, NE.  With over seven years experience, Matt plays a key role in our company.  His experience and attention to detail make him a great service manager and leader.   He is committed to providing our customers with the best service avaiable in Northeast Colorado.








Lucas Lingreen has been at Circle L in a full-time capacity since May, 2017.  He graduated from Hastings College with a degree in Agri-Business and a minor in Business.   While Luke has grown up in the agriculture industry, he is now learning more of the details of the irrigation businesss as well as the day to day operations of Circle L Irrigation.  He is becoming more experienced in servcing the machines and is a great asset to the business.  







Fernando Duarte, our newest part-time employee, is new to the sprinkler industry.  With his mechanical background, Fernando is valuable to helping both Matt and Luke.  He is a quick learner and a great addition to the team.











Cheryl Kaan has been the bookkeeper since 1998 and keeps the office running smoothly and efficiently.  With her cheery attitude, she makes calling a pleasant experience.