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  • Winterization services at Circle L Irrigation

    Winterization Services at Circle L Irrigation

    When it's time to winterize your irrigation system before freezes occur this season contact Circle L Irrigation to have our knowledgeable servicemen prepare your pivots. Any freeze can damage an irrigation system and come spring you want your pivots ready to go. Protect your irrigation investment by having Circle L Irrigation winterize your pivots!

    Winterization services provided at Circle L Irrigation

    • Winterize the center pivot
    • Drain pipelines, making sure to drain any condensed water from the wheel gear boxes and motors.
    • Perform normal greasing of parts on the pivot system, greasing all moving parts.
    • Check tires
    • Check gearboxes and U-joints
    • Conduct a tower box check
    • Perform an alignment inspection
    • Check all sprinklers and regulators

    Contact Circle L Irrigation for all of your winterization needs and keep your pivots in top shape for spring!